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Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Help View in SAP ABAP

The diagram below can be used to understand the ABAP help view.

The steps listed below can be used to generate the help view:

Step 1: Use the menu path or the command field to input the transaction code SE11 to access the data dictionary's beginning screen.

Step 2: Select the radio option next to the View Click the Create button that appears on the screen after giving the view a name.

Step 3: Select the "HELP view" and click the Copy button to bring up a pop-up window containing all the views.

The Dictionary: Show Screen Stays Alive.

Step 4: Fill in the "Short Description" area with a brief text that explains your point of view. For example, Creating a Help view or Help view for a test.

Step 5: Indicate the main table's name. In the primary table, we are assigning the table name ZA102_STD_ADR for view under the Table column in the Table/Join Condition.

Step 6: Click the Relationship button while the cursor is on the name of the primary table. After choosing the checkbox next to the name of the primary table on the screen that displays, click the copy button. Since ZA103_STD is the secondary table in our instance, it gets placed here.

Additional tables can be added to the assistance view as needed, but they must be connected to one another via a foreign key relationship.

Step: 7 By selecting the View field tab, we will now be able to pick the required fields.

Step: 8 When you click the Table Fields button, as the diagram above illustrates, a list of the tables in this view appears. We can choose any table from this point on, and then we only need to click on Choose. This is where all of the specified fields will appear. Take a look at the picture below:

Step :9 To make the read-only radio button under the Access group active, select the Maint. Status tab.

Step :10 Select "Save" (CTRL+S) and then "ABAP Help Views" to activate it. After it's turned on, we may choose to use the help view as the Search Help selection method.

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