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Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Collective search help in SAP ABAP

Updated: Feb 9

Multiple Elementary Search Help are collected in Collective Search Help, where we will group them to build a new Collective Search Help.

To build a collective search help, please follow the procedures below:

Step 1: Use the menu path or the command field to input the transaction code 'SE11' to access the data dictionary's beginning screen.

Step 2: Select the radio option next to the search help Click the Create button that appears on the screen after giving the search help name.

Step 3: Now in the pop-up selection window choose the Collective Search Help option and hit Enter.

Step 4 : After providing a brief description of the collective search assistance, select the Define Search Help Parameter (Optional) option under the Definition tab. Define an import/export parameter for the search help parameter if values need to be passed between the input screen and the collective search help.

·         Step 5 : Click on the "Included Search Helps" tab.and then Enter the names of the elementary search helps you want to include. For each included search help, you can click on the "Parameter assignment" button to map fields between the collective search help parameter and the elementary search help's fields.

Step6 : Save and Activate:

Save the collective search help object.

·         Activate the collective search help and all included elementary search helps.

Testing :

Step 1 : Click the "Execute" button (f8) to bring up a pop-up window. From there, you can hit (enter button)  or click the "Search Help" icon to see the values in the following screen.

Step 2: Choose any row to obtain the values.

Step 3 : Values appear on the screen, indicating a successful test of the elementary search help.

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