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Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Elementary search help in SAP ABAP

To build an elementary search help, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Use the menu path or the command field to input the transaction code 'SE11' to access the data dictionary's beginning screen.

Step 2: Select the radio option next to the search help Click the Create button that appears on the screen after giving the search help  a name.

Step 3: Now in the pop-up selection window choose the Elementary Search Help option and hit Enter.

Step 4: In the Definition tab, add the following information about the new search help.

Short description  : Short description of search help.

Selection Method : Type the database table name

Search help  parameter : for fresh search help enter the field names

Click the SAVE icon to save all of the data after you have.

Steps 5: Save, check, and activate . There is now new Elementary Search Help available.

Testing :

Step 1 : Click the "Execute" button (f8) to bring up a pop-up window. From there, you can hit (enter button)  or click the "Search Help" icon to see the values in the following screen.

Step 2: Choose any row to obtain the values.

Step 3: Values appear on the screen, indicating a successful test of the elementary search help.


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